For larger meetings, this would be a typical setup for a VTC service. The video conference was between a presenter in Florida and a conference center in New Jersey. On the bottom you can make out the tech table with the CODEC, mixer, monitor and laptop. I monitor the connection and the local machine via a web interface (laptop) and the 17" monitor mirrors the feed sent to the projector. There is a conference camera on a highboy table that spent most of it's time looking at the audience. With pre-sets I was able to swing the view to the podium for a tight shot of the moderator. With this type of setup the remote presenter can view the audience which is easier than talking to your web cam. During Q&A the local participants interacted with the presenter as if she was in the room. The screen alternated between a web cam view and a power point as she shared her desktop. For audio I connected to the built in sound system. In a smaller room a powered speaker and conference microphone would have been sufficient.

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