For some time I've been supporting the annual Haskel Engineering shareholder's meeting. They have a global presence with offices on many continents. This webcast allows all their employees to watch the meeting together. Thousands of employees enjoy an in-room experience from their local offices. The screen grab (shrunk 50% for here) shows a typical rich media player. If you watched live, that player would fill your screen on an iPhone (click the image to see a 1:1 scale of the player). On a laptop you'd see a player fill most of screen by default with the option of going full screen from a button on the player. The banner can include a logo or other information. The video window is positioned next to the graphics window which displays power point slides. The player doesn't have any limitation on video or slide design. You can change the size and position as well as toggle between video only and video/slides. This group likes to roll in an HR video each year and we go full screen for that portion of the meeting. The empty space can be used for additional information as well as graphics. Titles and lower thirds can be added in live as well as any number of effects. The stream is available for desktop and mobile devices and is global in reach.

Office: 732-664-8266 Cell: 732-245-6689